Deborah Murtage



Dear Soul!

Welcome to our Healthy Kitchen tribe! 

From the depths of my heart and soul, I want to personally thank you on behalf of all the farmers & communities who benefit from your purchase. 

Our vision is to bring you the highest quality whole food products, all lovingly crafted from the villages and farms of South East Asia, the Pacific. I have chosen to bring you first our range of coconut derived products, so healthy for you while stimulating abundance amongst coconut communities through the sustainable replanting of coconut seedlings.

Our mission is to infuse a culture of eco-friendly, sustainable farming practices, so that our farmers, their communities & their land continues to thrive for centuries to come.  And that we may benefit alongside them, as they provide us with world premium products without the added cost of global supermarket supply chains.  Everybody wins!

Without your support these coconut communities will cease to exist due to a lack of replanting, not least because the farmer cannot make enough income from the current commodity model to afford to seedlings. However, with your support we are creating sustainable, economic and biodiversity protecting ecosystems in regions of the world who most desperately need it.  

Your contribution does make a difference, and together we can create a world where sustainability, quality and community all come together and thrive!  

With your purchase you have just voted for a better world for generations to come! 

With much love & gratitude,

Deborah xxx