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The Coconut Palm is a social media icon; a prop for content for the beautiful people and aspirational tropical destinations. Defined by the luxury of coconut water, alternative healthy foods, Instagramable smoothie bowls and natural beauty for skin and hair care. 

Unfortunately, this perception is disconnected from the economic plight of the smallholder farmers who own or farm harvestable coconut. Coconut is in Crisis, on a trajectory where in a few short years the harvestable resource will reach zero. Virtually no new coconut planting at scale has occurred in 70 years and around 11 Million coconut farmers in 90 tropical countries remain amongst the poorest of peoples.


What is Deborah Murtagh Healthy Kitchen and social impact partners doing about this! 



  1. Encouraging a consumer led movement to support coconut revitalisation through replanting
  2. Growing a direct-to-consumer marketplace to support farm gate economics 
  3. Education of health and wellness benefits from coconut palm
  4. Supporting replanting of coconut as a biodiversity protecting crop 
  5. Building a fair and sustainable supply chain



    When you purchase our Bundle Box, you can support the Coconut Knowledge centre by choosing to donate a small amount to the cause.  Every little cent counts to improve the programme.


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